Craziest Things That Happened in San Francisco

By | October 12, 2016
  • The experience of the Folsom Street Fair. Full-out S&M of people chained up, whipping, getting sort of semi-tortured, and plenty of other randomnesses. My weirdest experience was actually a black guy who had a huge monster unit hanging out. He was only wearing a bit of leather and a cock ring …another guy just came walking up to him, grabs his junk and says “nice d**k”, gets down on his knees and starts going all the way. No one even blinks an eye. If you’ve never been there, and when you are okay with gay culture, nudity, and BDSM, the Folsom Street Fair is a must-have experience.
  • A guy who fell asleep on a massive construction barrier right in the middle of a terribly busy Tenderloin street.
  • I once had a gun at my head in broad daylight on the corner of Market and 5th. It was an older man dressed in a red-velvetish coat.  He only said: “don’t even think about it”…that was all!

    • A man jumps out of a speeding car on the corner of Golden Gate & Hyde.  The car races into the parked vehicles and then some 30 cop cars come follow in pursuit to arrest the man. All this happened while I was just crossing the street…
    • A guy on the corner of Market & 7th asks a female tourist politely, “Mam, allow me to suck on your toes, please…”
    • My personal favorite: a man riding an electric wheelchair is wearing a white lampshade right on his head.
    • On the nudists hanging out on Castro & Market: Beware, the folks who want to go naked most, are rarely those you’d like to see naked.
    • A man on Market who plays Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash) as a 1-man band with drums, a guitar, and harmonica was jumping up and down. On any other night, he could be at the Eagle or the Stud.
    • A homeless guy in a crazy jacket is moonwalking through Haight Street for over an hour.
    • A guy wearing a colorful suit who is selling watches right out of his coat.
    • Youth on trolley bus openly discussing their heroin addiction.
    • An older guy who took his red rooster for a walk at the Haight (on a leash)…
    • Nightly Buenavista park. The park itself is silent like a graveyard, but there’s so many gay guys having sex…
    • About the low-income folks of Tenderloin and surrounding area… You’ll get mind blown if you see the sheer number of people that just are smoking crack right in the open while the cops drive by…. See the huge number homeless people that just rot away in the street while around the corner there are the offices of the world’s most charitable businesses.


  • A totally nuts female in Powell Street who is insulting lots of tourists: “Hey, you’re too fat”, and “Hey, your clothes stink”, and so on.
  • One day, when I biked through Golden Gate Park at 2 a.m., a man came across all dressed in combat fatigues and army night vision stuff.
  • The guy who murdered his Stanford math professor, Ted Streleski, got off a train, and people saying “wow, aren’t you the guy who killed your math professor?” just like they got excited to see a celebrity.
  • Conversation 1: Hey, today I saw Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Woz… 2: eah, whatever…Yes, this place is pretty weird.  What a shame it’s changing, though