President’s Day 2017 In SF

By | February 22, 2017

On this year’s President’s Day, in many cities protests were held against the current U.S. president, Donald Trump. Also in San Francisco, many demonstrators defied the rain and had come to San Francisco’s Federal Building as they wanted to express their total discontent with the presidency of bullying and discriminating Donald Trump.

From his pick for his education secretary to his immigration policies, Donald Trump was and is under fire. This became very clear on the February 20 when many Bay area residents came to be heard in the heart of San Francisco, just like in dozens of American cities.

Many protesters chanted “Fight back, stand up, resist, and make clear that our country belongs to us, not to the president.” In San Francisco, just like and cities all across the country, this sort of protests could be heard just one month after Donald Trump took office in Washington, D.C. Also in San Jose, thousands of demonstrators were gathering on City Hall Plaza to make clear they opposed “Trump’s regressive agenda and policy,” and this extends far beyond just the president’s travel ban.

Ladoris Cordell (retired Superior Court Judge) said that it would be not possible to honor this president’s office on this year’s President’s Day because Mr. Donald Trump is failing to recognize that also the country’s president is a public servant who works for the people. This is exactly what the people of San Francisco feel.

Jason Clark (SF’s Republican Party’s chair) again expressed his idea that it’s exciting to have a president who actually delivers on his campaign promises. He continued to say that if people go out and say “Trump is not my president”, this attitude could be more obstructive and destructive than go out there and say something like “we have some issues so let’s address these issues.‘”

Donald Trump tweeted: “To all of you, happy President’s Day. Let’s Make America Great Again…”

Donald Trump: Let’s unleash the American spirit’s power!”

Trump hoped to shift the nation’s attention from all the troubles that surround the White House. Last Friday, the president delivered a loud pep talk to the nation in general and U.S. workers in particular, reassuring the audience he would keep his promise that so strongly had powered his victory. In a campaign-like rally, the president pledged to “unleash the great powers of the true American spirit.”

But actually, it was just a couple of hours later that the president found himself again in the turmoil that he stirred in D.C. when he pointed everybody’s attention again from that campaign-style positive message when he, again, fulminated about the news agencies and the way they covered his administration.

He could be heard again stating that “The fake news media … is really not the president’s enemy, it’s the American People’s enemy!” He expressed himself again on Twitter while singling out TV networks and The New York Times. The president’s latest outburst was coming actually just one day after his forceful defense of his administration during a pretty long news conference at The White House.