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How About San Francisco Weather?

Expect moderate San Francisco weather, where cool summers and mild winters almost blend into one. Temperatures in the City seldom rise above 70 F/21 C or fall below 40 F/4 C. Morning and evening fog is common during summer months for San Francisco weather but it rarely remains through the day. (Little or no rain… Read More »

San Francisco Highlights

Golden Gate Park  Larger than Central Park, the 1,000-acre Golden Gate Park’s treasure trove of attractions includes Stybing Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, a biodiversity hub where 6,000 plant species, including a towering display of California redwoods, thrive; the ethereal Japanese Tea Garden; a children’s playground; the Asian Art Museum; MH de Young Memorial Museum; and… Read More »

More San Francisco Must-Sees

Castro District  Castro & Market Travel to San Francisco ‘s well-known Mecca of all that comes with gay life in the City’s Castro District. The North side of the Market District is the center of a mainly lesbian and gay community, boutiques, excellent bakeries, bars, restaurants, cafes, and of course, numerous gender-bending bars. The renown… Read More »

What To See in San Francisco

Downtown San Francisco ‘s densely populated downtown is squeezed into the hilly northeastern corner of the peninsula. The often dramatic cityscape came about because the streets were laid out as if their planners had never so much as glanced at the city’s topography. They simply dropped a grid pattern onto the steeply undulating terrain, and… Read More »

Golden Gate Bridge History

In 1916, San Francisco City officials asked Engineer Michael M. O’Shaughnessy to see if building a bridge across the Golden Gate Strait was feasible. For decades, there had been a call for a bridge like this by railroad professionals and other entrepreneurs. So San Francisco City Engineer Michael O’Shaughnessy started to discuss the idea with some… Read More »

Walk or Bike the Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge name explained The Golden Gate Bridge is named after the Golden Gate Strait, the entrance from the Pacific Ocean to the San Francisco Bay. The Golden Gate Strait is some three miles long and a mile wide, and the water’s currents usually range from 4.5 to 7.5 knots (around 5 to 9 miles/hr).… Read More »

Berkeley Farmers’ Market and Organic Vegies

Every Saturday, I’m in charge of checking out what food we need to buy. As I check the frig, I make a list of what we can get from the Berkeley Farmers’ Market. I really enjoy going there. We get to see our neighbors, and we know that the food is organic, fresh and local.… Read More »

Revisiting San Francisco

It’s funny how East and West Coast cities seem to change a little differently. John Smyre, a good friend of mine from New York, visited the City recently and I couldn’t meet with him unfortunately because of my work that took me to a London Arts Fair. He noticed some aspects that I wasn’t aware… Read More »

Silicon Valley and Outsider Art

Silicon Valley recently caught up. The “Drawing the Inner Terrain: Self-Taught Artists” exhibit at the Palo Alto Art Center was dedicated to Derrel DePasse, former president of Blauvelt Group of Palo Alto. She was a self-taught expert in outsider art who died unexpectedly last summer before the publication of her acclaimed new book, Traveling the… Read More »

San Francisco Liquidation Auction – A Good Deal?

South Airport Boulevard may not be steeped in the same mythic sense of possibility as Sand Hill Road, but today dreams are being reborn at a liquidation auction at the Ramada Inn of South San Francisco, a purgatory where the spirits of dead dot-coms are relieved of their earthly belongings to better float into the… Read More »