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The City by the Bay

One of the reasons for San Francisco’s popularity is the City’s frequent choice to shoot popular movies and legendary television shows. Besides the City’s popular destination in the 1960s and ’70s, the choice for many a legendary movie made SF’s landmarks recognizable on a worldwide scale. Tourism is the true backbone of San Francisco’s economy… Read More »

Getting around in San Francisco

San Francisco is a rare American city where you don’t need a car to see everything. In fact, given the chronic shortage of parking downtown, horrible traffic and zealous meter maids who love to give expensive parking tickets, going carless makes sense. The public transportation system, though much maligned by locals for its unpredictable schedule,… Read More »

San Francisco Tourism Pointers

San Francisco Tourism Information You can get San Francisco tourism information from the San Francisco Visitor Information Center at Market and Powell streets, on the lower level of Hallidie Plaza, near the Powell Street BART station. Getting Around If you’re driving, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the traffic reports, as things… Read More »

Is “Weird San Francisco” good for Education?

San Francisco is changing, and it is not weird or freaky as it once was. People in the artsy environment can feel this immediately, and rather than being able to just go out and be weird, today there’s more a sort of lamentation that fills the air in the City. So is “Weird San Francisco”… Read More »

Interesting San Francisco Tours

In a few months, the fine San Francisco Spring will be here so let’s take a closer look at some interesting San Francisco Tours that you may want to explore for when you’ll be visiting the City by the Bay. The following video from 2015 gives you a pretty good idea of what San Francisco… Read More »

San Francisco Opera

San Francisco Opera 301 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, Phone: (415) 864-3330 Founded in 1923, this world-renowned company has resided in the Civic Center’s War Memorial Opera House since it was built in 1932. Over its season, the opera presents approximately 70 performances of 10 to 12 operas from September through January and June through July.… Read More »

San Francisco’s Famous Bay Area

If you travel across San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, you’ll enter Marin County, a rather wealthy and laid back area. Marin County is beautiful and varied peninsula with on the bay side expensive and exclusive Sausalito while the wild Pacific coastline stretches north to Stinson Beach, a popular destination, and Point Reyes National Seashore Park… Read More »

San Francisco Top Museums

There are so many great San Francisco museums and there is something for everyone in this great City by the Bay. Spend a little time on this section of the site and you can make the next time you travel to San Francisco especially memorable. Let’s take a closer look: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art  151… Read More »

Students Moving to San Francisco

Living in The City means you always have the opportunity to experience something special, or go to some stimulating place….or just wander around and see where your legs are carrying you. This a city full of people who always try to get the best out of their situation and they seem to be enjoying themselves… Read More »

How About San Francisco Weather?

Expect moderate San Francisco weather, where cool summers and mild winters almost blend into one. Temperatures in the City seldom rise above 70 F/21 C or fall below 40 F/4 C. Morning and evening fog is common during summer months for San Francisco weather but it rarely remains through the day. (Little or no rain… Read More »