San Francisco Attractions

By | June 23, 2016

San Francisco belongs to those cities that never get old. No matter how often you visit it.

San Francisco has always a neighborhood that you didn’t explore yet, or there is a scenic spot you didn’t have the time to visit, or there is an activity that you just missed during your last visit. I’ve just now completed my fourth trip to The City and there so many activities that I absolutely had no trouble getting my days filled with exciting things. 

And oh yeah, that San Francisco weather…. That nice breezy, cool San Francisco weather…. Every time I get here I’m surprised by The City’s sort of chilly feel year-round….Even in the midst of summer.

When you plan to visit San Francisco anytime soon, take a closer look at these suggestions. Here are five essential activities for a great weekend in this beautiful city.

San Francisco’s Mission District

The Mission District is one of my absolute favorite areas of San Francisco. The entire area is covered with the best street art, and you really shouldn’t miss the murals of Clarion Alley. The mission District is completely and continuously filled with weirdos and there are always young people who smoke a joint and there’s always a lot of fine guitar playing in Dolores Park.

The Painted Ladies

On one of my earlier visits to San Francisco, I went on a bus tour. Unfortunately, we drove so quickly past the Painted Ladies that I couldn’t even take a blurry-out-the-window-picture. This time however, I came back and visited the Painted Ladies properly.

San Francisco’s Painted Ladies are actually a group of seven 7 iconic San Franciscan houses that were built in the late 1890’s.From here, you can enjoy magnificent views of the city. If you’re of the demographic that grew up while watching ‘Full House’, you may very well begin to hum the series’ theme song when you take a look at these houses from Alamo Park. No doubt it will be bringing back some memories of that show’s theme music.

Union Square

Well, if you go to Union Square, you find yourself in the center of all the action. Union Square is your place when you’re a shopping lover. The square itself is a beautiful and well-taken care of plaza right in the center of San Francisco’s downtown area. Union Square houses a few heart-shaped statues, some full-size palm trees, and some nice coffee shops that have great outdoor seating, perfect places for soaking in the impressive surroundings.

I was pretty impressed with all the things that surround the square, such as the shopping malls, high-end retailers, and the luxury hotels. Fashion lovers will be happy to find stores like Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Burberry, and Chanel.

Nob Hill

There are good reasons why this area is also named ‘Snob Hill.’ Nob Hill features, thanks to the area’s spectacular views, some of the best and nicest hotels in the city, as well as the highest-priced properties in the region. The neighborhood is spread out on top of large and steep hills. Though everything here may seem a little out-of-reach, walking around here is definitely worth the trip, even if it is only to marvel at its grandeur.

One of Nob Hill’s highlights is the beautiful high-towering Grace Cathedral. For people who visited Paris Grace Cathedral may look a little familiar, and indeed, it was built with the stunning Notre Dame in mind, the famous Paris gothic church.

It also features a labyrinth and every day, visitors are welcomed inside. Grace Cathedral offers an interesting tour that leads to the church’s South Tower from where you have incredible views of San Francisco. This tour lasts 90 minutes and costs $25.

Lombard Street

Famous Lombard Street is a very steep street that stretches for just one block. It has no less than 8 sharp hairpin turns which makes it the world’s most crooked street. On my former visits to The City, I didn’t get a chance to drive down Lombard Street, so this time I took the opportunity to do so, and I’m glad I finally did!