San Francisco is among the world’s favorite cities, so let’s see what tourists are saying about what the region calls The City.
San Francisco is truly referred to as ‘The Jewel Of Northern California’. This city will never stop. San Francisco’s electrifying attractions, authentic food places, and stunning landscapes are the main reasons to back this majestic, but well-suited title. San Francisco belongs to the world’s best visited destinations due to its world-famous attractions.

Let’s first take a look at some of the major attractions and activities that San Francisco is offering.

  • The Golden Gate Bridge is probably the world’s most famed bridge. It will impress even the most seasoned travelers.
  • San Francisco’s Cable Car System has transported people ever since late 19th century. The Cable Cars are world renown for its rides. Sightseeing San Francisco cannot be complete without enjoying the city’s spectacular views from one of the Cable Cars.
  • Famous Fisherman’s Wharf is a great destination for fun and sea food. This is where it happens.
  • San Francisco also offers the coolest restaurants and bars, and the Ferry building marketplace is among the best place to enjoy your favorite food.

A well-known Detroit resident says: San Francisco boasts a few of America’s most beautiful sceneries and scenes as well some of the most eccentric social settings that I’ve come about. And that’s saying something as it comes from a Metro-Detroiter who spent plenty of time around that city. San Francisco, however, has something to offer for everyone. Great shopping in the Union Square area, wonderful restaurants, impressive sea lions at the Wharf, the beautiful Redwoods just outside the city, and let’s not forget the charming little town of Sausalito, just passed the Golden Gate Bridge. The City offers plenty of nice and interesting things to do for everybody.

baker beach is a state and national public beach on the pacific ocean coast on the san francisco peninsula
The lifestyle found in San Francisco is not really fast-paced. The people maintain a sort of laid back pace of living, and San Francisco is great for people who take pleasure in walking around a comfortable and nice environment. Visiting Fisherman’s Wharf is a must, there are so many great and beautiful things to do and see. The city is situated on the Pacific Ocean, as such already offering magnificent views, and there are even seals on the city’s piers! Watching the San Francisco seals on the pier is a great and peaceful part of experiencing the City. It allows for a bit of relaxation and breath in the atmosphere of the city. I traveled all the way to San Francisco without any specific expectations and I must say, I really had a great time.

Also worth visiting is Alcatraz, situated on a little rock island in the middle of the San Francisco bay. Prior to becoming the location of the infamous prison, Alcatraz had it’s own history. Walking through the buildings of prison offers you an impressive time capsule. There is a great tour through the prison and there’s also a nice gift shop. You can visit most of the prison area and take a look at many of the cells. This place is absolutely worth a visit, and many come back to get impressed again.