First impressions of San Francisco Life: this page contains several of the first impressions and characteristics of the city that I struck me when I moved here. They provided actually the basis for all my other experiences.

  • The weather is odd. It was in June that I arrived in San Francisco for the first time, and I was really hoping to get a nice taste of early California summer. Little did I, the naive, know….Northern California’s weather is nothing like how it is down south. Around here, it actually can get quite chilly all through the summer. Temperatures may even change by the neighborhood, but as a rule of thumb you can say that it pretty much always feels like spring or fall. The ideal outfit for San Francisco consists of 2 to 4 layers that are easy to remove or put back on.

  • Everyone loves to exercise. You cannot walk or drive anywhere in the City without passing a number of people who are riding bikes, walking, running, or even taking part in outdoor group fitness classes. And let’s face it, the stunning scenery and the area’s consistent and mild climate are inviting elements to support this sort of activities. Before I moved here, I probably hadn’t been running longer than maybe three miles, but after I moved to San Francisco, it took me just a few months before I could complete my first 1/2 marathon, and within three years I managed to finish the full marathon, all 26.2 miles!
  • The SF people are pretty nice. You’ll find lots of kind people everywhere from all different walks of life. Courtesy is the standard, and even drivers here are courteous to the most irritating jaywalker. Cyclists are often not so friendly, but then again, they often have to put up with more stress than others.
  • For tech nerds, the City really is a ‘Mecca’ because of the many experimental businesses who are using the area as their testing ground. Companies and services like Exec, Uber, Postmates, Instacart, and a lit of other others made the people of San Francisco their very first customers. The convenience and innovation that are continuously available through this sort of efforts van be great fun, but also addictive.
  • There are negatives, though. San Francisco has to put up with a substantial population of homeless persons, and just like in any other city, there are specific areas where I wouldn’t go on foot. Mind you, when you own your own car, San Francisco really hates you. Detours, road closures, sky-rocketing parking fees, parking tickets, and so on, and so on….My best solution was to dump the car, and I’m glad I did. There’s also a gender imbalance in the City that favors men, and this may cause some complications if you’re looking for romance, but maybe I’m not the right type to measure or judge that.

San Francisco has lots of good places to eat and offers plenty of things to do. Check out these fine living tips:san-francisco-san-francisco-bay-1112x630

  • Regardless where you;re from, be aware that San Francisco is a darn expensive place to live. Reckon that you need to double your food expenses unless, of course, you’re used to Manhattan prices.
  • Shen you want to bring your car, or think about buying one her, think again! The City has Muni in the city, BART in and outside the city, a lot of biking possibilities, and there are also plenty of lyft and Uber options. Keep in mind that here the parking tickets are incredibly high, and when you’ve left something in your car that’s looking good, chances are someone will break your window and take off with it.
  • San Francisco is momentarily experiencing an impressive construction boom and new people come in every day. It is sad, but they most of them want their Peet’s or Starbucks coffee whereas the City has so many local and really nice coffee and tea shops. I would appreciate if you would be visiting our great  local establishments.
  • Please note that if you buy food in San Francisco, you will be a charged for bags. Personally, I’m always carrying a bag in my jacket. If I want to buy something I always  have a bag on hand.
  • What’s nice is that San Francisco is a rather informal city. Probably you will never be required to wear a suit and tie, but when dressing like that is your thing, nobody will be looking strangely, or hate you for that.