This Year’s President’s Day In SF

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On this year’s President’s Day, in many cities protests were held against the current U.S. president, Donald Trump. Also in San Francisco, many demonstrators defied the rain and had come to San Francisco’s Federal Building as they wanted to express their total discontent with the presidency of bullying and discriminating Donald Trump.

From his pick for his education secretary to his immigration policies, Donald Trump was and is under fire. This became very clear on the February 20 when many Bay area residents came to be heard in the heart of San Francisco, just like in dozens of American cities.

Many protesters chanted “Fight back, stand up, resist, and make clear that our country belongs to us, not to the president.” In San Francisco, just like and cities all across the country, this sort of protests could be heard just one month after Donald Trump took office in Washington, D.C. Also in San Jose, thousands of demonstrators were gathering on City Hall Plaza to make clear they opposed “Trump’s regressive agenda and policy,” and this extends far beyond just the president’s travel ban.

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What Tourists Say About San Francisco

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San Francisco is among the world’s favorite cities, so let’s see what tourists are saying about what the region calls The City.
San Francisco is truly referred to as ‘The Jewel Of Northern California’. This city will never stop.

San Francisco’s electrifying attractions, authentic food places, and stunning landscapes are the main reasons to back this majestic, but well-suited title. San Francisco belongs to the world’s best visited destinations due to its world-famous attractions.

Let’s first take a look at some of the major attractions and activities that San Francisco is offering.

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9 Unusual Things To Check Out In San Francisco

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1.Wave Organ
The Wave Organ literally turns waves into fine music. It was created by the San Francisco Exploratorium in the year 1986, and the organ is using series of pipes which are interacting with the ocean’s waves to produce the most beautiful melodies.

The Wave Organ’s concept was created and developed by Peter Richards and renown stone mason and sculptor George Gonzales helped to installed the wonderful organ. The idea for the wave organ was inspired by a number of recordings of astonishing sounds emerging from from vent pipes in a floating dock made out of concrete in Sydney, Australia.

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San Francisco Weirdness

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San Francisco is changing, and it is not weird or freaky as it once was. People in the artsy environment can feel this immediately, and rather than being able to just go out and be weird, today there’s more a sort of lamentation that fills the air in the City.

Burlesque troupes are now singing songs with titles like ‘Not My City Anymore’ and punk-inflected bag designers are nowadays starting campaigns like ‘SF – Please Stay Strange’.  These are all signs of some inescapable loss, and we should fear that some intrinsic San Francisco elements are vanishing.

One of the obvious culprits is the phenomenon of money. There are quite a few individuals that are worth tens of millions of dollars who still think they are some sort of revolutionary or counter-cultural renegades, but they’re in too good standing.

Sure, we may bash the software generation as much as we want as they’re the cause of a lot of bad going on, but the fact of the matter is that internet nerds form a crucial element to the phenomenon of ‘weirdness.

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Craziest Things That Happened in San Francisco

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  • The experience of the Folsom Street Fair. Full-out S&M of people chained up,whipping, getting sort of semi-tortured, and plenty of other randomness. My weirdest experience was actually a black guy who had a huge monster unit hanging out. He was only wearing a bit of leather and a cock ring …another guy just came walking up to him, grabs his junk and says “nice d**k”, gets down on his knees and starts going all the way. No one even blinks an eye. If you’ve never been there, and when you are okay with gay culture, nudity, and BDSM, the Folsom Street Fair is a must-have experience.
  • A guy who fell asleep on a massive construction barrier right in the middle of a terribly busy Tenderloin street.
  • I once had a gun at my head in broad daylight on the corner of Market and 5th. It was an older man dressed in a red-velvetish coat.  He only said: “don’t even think about it”…that was all!
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How to Create a Foolproof Financial Plan for Startups

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San Francisco is known for its growing number of start-ups, so here is something really useful. I didn’t have a high school diploma so I took an online prep course (for FREE!) with MyCareerTools to get my GED, and passed the test without any problems, so is there a better way of becoming successful than starting a start-up, right? So I spent some time researching to find out how to make my startup successful, but first let’s start with a financial plan.

A financial plan is one of the most important parts of your overall business plan, not only for start-ups.  Yet, for many people the financial plan is often one of the most difficult parts to complete. Many start-up companies struggle with financial projections because the financial situation of an early-stage company is uncertain and radically different from the financial state of an established company.

Borrowing money from a bank as well as attracting venture capitalists or an angel investor to invest in your company will require a well prepared financial plan.

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Five Famous San Francisco Artists

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1. William T. Wiley
William T. Wiley was born in 1937, and his work is spanning a wide range of techniques such as painting, drawing, film, sculpturing, pinball, and performance. Part of Wiley’s work falls into the category ‘funk art’.

For more that fifty years, Wiley has challenged the precepts of all sorts of mainstream art. His work cannot easily be classified into particular a stylistic trend or movement. He has continuously been developing his own distinctive style and combined found objects, humble materials, personal items and symbols, and enigmatic texts with art history, current events, and popular culture.

Wiley’s specific style can perhaps best be described as ‘varied, inventive, and subtle. Wiley’s impressive practices are ranging from painting in acrylic and watercolor, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, to performance and film. Among the defining hallmarks of Wiley’s work are the wordplay and the texts that are accompanying practically all of his pieces.

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